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A unique, classy, handcrafted wine that is fun not frumpy, yummy not yucky, dank not drab…. aaaand you get the idea! Crafted at our adorable winery in teeny-tiny Cerro Gordo, NC. Wine Candy’s ™ base is made from 100% blueberries, grown by a local farmer...(we love you Ralph). Our many flavors and natural sweetness come from real fruit juice, not sugars. This series of wine is fantastic on its own and also mixes perfectly, allowing one to create a wine all their own… or not. Go ahead…pour your wine over ice, add some lime, shake in a shaker, mix and match, create a cocktail, drink it straight out of the bottle, it’s your wine… drink it how you want! In all seriousness though, the award-winning recipe for our base wine is over 50 years old. Our wine masters (Charles & Hans) are serious about wine making, and are amazing at it… obviously! Wine Candy ™ is just the free-spirited, free-thinking star child of an old classic.

Pina Wineada 2-min

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